Salem Lutheran Church

2014 Mission & Growth Appeal

Our Mission Appeal has taken place every fall and is designed to encourage members to make a twelve month financial commitment to support the regular church operating budget. The operating budget includes salaries, programs, utilities, insurance, and regular maintenance on the facilities.

The Growth Appeal is conducted to raise money over and above the Mission Appeal to provide an infusion of money for special needs of the congregation. The Growth Appeal is conducted because the church operating budget could not currently cover the cost of the added programming, updates and repairs to the sanctuary as well as pay down our debt.

On commitment Sunday, December 7, each household will be asked to turn in a commitment card with a one-year financial commitment to the Mission Appeal and a three-year commitment to the Growth Appeal.

Campaign Goals:

1. Increase congregational contributions to our Mission Appeal and raise $425,000 for our Growth Appeal.

2. To strengthen and enhance our congregation’s sense of community.

3. To encourage better stewardship among our membership, resulting in more generous giving of time, talents and treasure.

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